Tone Time



Like Hip Hop? Like hosts that say “uhhmm” more than you hit on your alarm? Like shows that sound like they’re made up on the spot? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then Tone Time might be your new favorite show. DJ Tone is spinning his hottest picks every week and dropping some fire tracks. Carefully curated playlists where the transitions are interjections by the host with most heart on UMD campus eager to give you his two cents on his picks and what is on the way. Joined by the occasional guest, Tone Time is a whirlwind of fun taking U of M Dearborn by S T O R M
Just check some of the HUNDREDS of reviews
“Would listen again.” -Momma DJ Tone
“Definitely not the worst thing I’ve ever heard.” -Helen K.
“I can definitely see the appeal of Tone Time after just one show.” -Sam B.
“DJ Tone really made every Monday a treat! I used to look forward to listening in my oval office, now I’ll just have to hear it back home in Chicago.” Anonymous #1 Fan
All previous (PLUS SOME BONUS ONES) are on my SoundCloud check them out

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twitter   @akonja15


Mondays from 1:00pm-2:00pm


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