Music Universe


Hello everyone! My name is Riley Pigott, and I am an avid lover of music. I’m attending college in hopes of becoming an elementary school teacher. As music is one of my passions, I thought it would be a fun and interesting experience to try and share that with all of you. My show, Music Universe, airs on Fridays at 4PM, so make sure to stop in and listen! You can also catch me on Club Space Dude with Javier, one of my closest friends and a totally awesome dude, right here on WUMD on Fridays at 3, right before Music Universe. Thanks for listening!!
Welcome to Music Universe, a show that aims to educate, entertain, and introduce its listeners to the different bands and genres that occupy the wonderful world of music. Every episode take you through the timeline of one band or one genre, playing their biggest hits, their best deep cuts, and also informing you on some interesting facts and history behind the songs and albums that define these bands or genres.



Fridays from 4:00pm-5:00pm


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