Meadow Cemetery


Hey, I’m DJ Marceline! Have you heard “Hard Times” by Paramore? You probably have! Did you know that there are other songs on the After Laughter album? Of course you know there are, but you probably haven’t head them on any fm radio station. During my shows I’ll be playing music that you may not have heard by well known(or not so well known) alternative artists and indie artists. I’ll also be streaming obscure covers of well known songs, music by artists on youtube and soundcloud, lofidelity music, and even some vaporwave. If I had to describe my ideal radio station , it would be “obscure and/or aesthetic beats.” I own some vinyl, so I’ll sometimes play those too. My goal is to immerse myself and others in my music, so if I do plan to play lofi hip hop and indie rock in the same session, there will be some “transitional tunes,” as in the music will gradually get rougher or softer in atmosphere.

As for subjects that I will be talking about, I plan on telling you, my audience, fun trivia and weird news that might blow your mind. I’ll also be promoting local(or U of M Dearborn) art and LGBTQ+ related events, artists, local businesses, and student businesses. While I do my sessions, I’m going to be taking drawing requests on social media, which I will post after the show is over.

As for me, my actual name is Olivier Dobry(oh-liv-ee-ay doe-bree) and I’m a very queer second year at University of Michigan Dearborn. I like to draw, eat yummy food, research animals, laugh at memes, and spend time with my partner. I have an eclectic taste in music and at least 4 art styles. I’m torn between studying biology or graphic design, because I’m very passionate about both. It’s nice to meet you guys! You can follow me on my instagram @meadowcemetery


Tuesdays 9:15 – 10:15 PM


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